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Author: Major Gaurav Arya (Veteran)

Soldier. That’s all.

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    1. So proud of the India Army, who never let us down. So proud of you, who never lets us down either, on the filed and on the camera. And so proud of PM Modi, who has the spine to respond to foreign aggression. Its a day to remember and celebrate for all Indians.

      Thanks a-lot.

      Forever indebted to the men on the fence who fight for mother India.
      Apurv Chaturvedi


  1. Another attack in URI.
    As usual media and our ‘leaders’ will say that its a Terrorist attack.
    Come on its not a terrorist attack! the perpetrators are quipped,trained ,motivated and guided by active military establishment across border.
    So its an act of war…!
    Answer to act of war should be
    Act of WAR!!!


  2. bastards are saying on tv military options are not there since ,pakistan is a nuclear state ?why we let him to be nuclear?where was foriegn policy?why we were sleeping?we are low race.we cannot value human lifes.

    military problems cannot be solved politically.


  3. Major, I like what you say and I like the way you say it. With great conviction. But a small word of advice: stay out of politics. Nothing is as it seems. It’s all smoke and mirrors that will only muddy your clarity. Stay true to yourself.


  4. Kudos, Gaurav. To articulate what millions of Indians are feeling. It’s been long that the media has inclined to the left; so inclined that they cannot stand erect now with years of subservience. They are rendered spineless. Having been deployed and commanded in J&K, I fully subscribe to the YOUng majors actions. Those who’ve been there know what is it like. As for the malt sipping, pseudo journalists, my piece of advice to them is, “forgive them o’ father, for they know not what they are doing”. Apni maa ko bechne chale hai …. And as for you … Bash on regardless. YOU’re doing awesome work.


  5. Your disciplined aggression is a source of energy sir… Hopefully the message is conveyed to the opponents and the traitors residing here too…. I really admire the way of speech… Hopefully will have patriotism as the one only religion soon. and yes off course”Gaddari ki saza sirf mout h”… This should be a loud and clear message…

    Jai Hind..


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