What is the weight of the body of a martyr? No one knows. But those who have carried it on their broad shoulders will tell you that it is heavy enough to break the strongest of men. 

I have seen soldiers face death with an absolute lack of fear. But ask that very soldier to take the mortal remains of his buddy to his young widow and her small children and you will sense confusion, despair and you will see something very rare; the famous stoicism shattering. You will see a soldier of the Indian Army crumbling in front of your eyes.
This is the price of our freedom.
Every time a soldier dies, the nation buys peace for some time. The blatant truth is that the currency for this transaction is blood. So, we die everyday; in COIN Ops (counter insurgency operations) and on the Line of Control in Kashmir, on the icy wastes of Siachen, in the fetid and humid jungles of the North East and in untold covert and overt missions in India and abroad.
Every strain of the “Jana Gana Mana” is interwoven with the screams of a dying warrior, protecting our freedom. Now you know why you get goose bumps when you sing the national anthem. Every line is washed with the blood of a martyr. What is truly sacred must be protected, whatever the cost.
And yet there are people in India who question these sacrifices, who say that a soldier is paid to die. They live in a deep, dark well, demanding “azaadi” for Kashmir. They malign the soldier. They sit in cafes in Universities and in news studios in New Delhi and peddle their treasonous ware. This venom is spilt against the Indian Army and India itself, knowing with absolute certainty that it is the soldier who protects with his life, this “freedom to abuse”.
These are small people, intellectually and morally stunted. These are people with no great passions. They espouse a perverted ideology, which, in their minds, makes it all right to question the very idea of India.
But the idea of India is neither malleable, nor ductile. It cannot bend and it will not break. The belief of a billion people cannot be held ransom by a treasonous horde. India is, because we believe. And that faith is a miracle that unfolds everyday. 
You may be a scientist, a teacher, a trader, an engineer or a blue-collar worker, you are foremost an Indian. And, you are a soldier in spirit. What is the creed of a soldier? To protect the nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic. And, to never leave your buddies behind. Either we all win, or we all die. We do not retreat. We do not surrender.
The soldier standing on the Line of Control is your buddy. He is responsible for you and you are responsible for him, in life and in death. He can defeat the enemy in front, but he is helpless about the enemy behind, in our midst, the treasonous horde. 
India is a huge citadel whose gates are guarded by a few. And the enemy has now started smashing into the gates. History is replete with examples of how the gates of a well-guarded citadel were opened from inside, to let in the enemy. We have no dearth of Trojan horses.
India is in danger.
Today, more than any other day, we need to stand with the soldier. He needs us because this war is multi-dimensional. He needs us because he is never going to be able to do this all by himself. Your brother needs YOU.
We must stand with the soldier because we too are soldiers in spirit. And soldiers never leave their buddies behind. This is the soldier’s creed. Either we all win, or we all die. We do not retreat. We do not surrender.
Happy Independence Day, India.
Major Gaurav Arya (Veteran)

#PriceofOurFreedom #IndianArmy #JinheNaazHaiHindPe #IndependenceDay #adgpi 

Twitter: @majorgauravarya


Author: Major Gaurav Arya (Veteran)

Soldier. That’s all.

8 thoughts on “THE PRICE OF OUR FREEDOM”

    1. It brought tears and a sense of shame while reading what is poured from the heart of every soldier that lives to die for us. How utterly shameless some have become in our country to even utter a small negative word against the soldier ,is a sin. There should be a way out to end this and time for Army to think different and put an end to the Torjan horses and send separatists away from our land. Pak was formed for muslims , so what are they doing hanging around here even now which is fine if they live in peace but these jihadis , terrorists ,separatists do not belong here. They want to fight us they should go to the other side of border and show their courage ,not by stealth and by looting our money living here. I love you soldiers.


  1. Only a person from army background will understand what you said and is so true. Hope the initiative taken by Akshay kumar is implemented soon, enabling people who want to support in some way can do so.


  2. Great sir, and heart touching. Let every one read your thought. It is must for our country. We all are soldiers so must stand by our warriors. Salute to you sir.


  3. MGA, how are we, as a nation, going to look into the eyes of a two year old and say that some stone pelting cowards had greater’human rights’ than his father? That we exercised restraint and maturity as a nation so his father could be a martyr? Great, now let’s move on?
    These are not disarmed people. They are using stones as weapons. It’s taking precious lives. It’s time these traitors realize that Indian Army soldiers on site did not sign up to die , they signed up only to kill for the nation and they can and will precisely do that. Because you are willing to fight in the face of certain death doesn’t mean the country asks that of you at the drop of a hat. Restraint is not being respected. Restraint is being taken disadvantage of and it’s coming at the price of our brave hearts’ blood. Restraint should be thrown in wind.
    Sorry for the rant, MGA. That video was terribly terribly disturbing. Hope things would get better. Thank you.


      1. MGA, these separatists are asking to be shot at. So the whole drama and demonizing of the Army can begin. There is always a section of media and pseudo liberal ‘Indian’ activists on the side lines waiting with that one goal. May be they should be given some field days. After all, Indian Army require no certificate of validation from them. Like you said before, these people only know the language of force. Now when they hear just that language from the Army, the will run back into their hide. It ‘s great that COAS gave an immediate statement and one with excellent clarity. Things are going to get better. Meanwhile, MGA, the NC spokesperson has started off on Twitter, looks like he will need your advise, very soon.


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