Our boys have just about returned from across the Line of Control after a very successful surgical strike. The entire nation is delirious with joy; the entire nation, except a few.

Today, I was part of a panel discussion in JNU, interestingly called “Intellectual Terrorism”. The term is self-explanatory, though wide ranging. I will discuss one type of intellectual terrorism here. The proponents of this type of terror are to found in every walk of life, but the roots of this disease are embedded in some institutions of higher learning. More of that some other time.
Karan Johar wants to know if asking Fawad Khan to go back to Pakistan will stop terror. Mahesh Bhatt joins the chorus by saying “stop terrorism, not talks” implying that we must continue to talk to Pakistan. The cricket board will continue to play matches with Pakistan. Certain business houses will continue to do business with Pakistan. All this, while our soldiers are dying on the border.
Will sending Pakistani artists back, stopping cricket and business with Pakistan actually end terror from Pakistan? No, it most certainly will not. But there is an emotion called solidarity. You cannot make films, play cricket and do business as if everything is fine, because it is not. It makes the soldier wonder aloud, “Why should I alone bear the weight of conflict?”
This conflict between India and Pakistan is not the soldier’s personal war. He is dying and killing for you and me. Imagine a situation in which the soldier felt, and behaved, like Karan Johar and Mahesh Bhatt? Imagine if a soldier walked up to his superior and said, “Sir, while I am dying on the Line of Control, these people are going about as if everything is absolutely fine between the two countries.”
How many of you would like it if a soldier felt that this was not his personal war, and he, like Mahesh Bhatt, should walk across the Line of Control and shake hands with a Pakistani soldier? Why should he alone sacrifice for India, when others were making merry?
A soldier will die before the thinks of such treason, but its certainly food for thought, isn’t it?
Patriotism and sacrifice is not the sole responsibility of the soldier. India is Mahesh Bhatt’s country, as much as it is the soldier’s.
The United States boycotted the Moscow Olympics in 1980, and the Russians did likewise when they boycotted the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984. This is what happens when national interest is held paramount. And this is what must happen now.
For 70 years, Pakistan has been killing Indian citizens. Are we so inured to the pain of our fellow brethren that making a movie or playing a cricket match takes precedence over a soldier’s mourning home?
18 families have been shattered like glass. Not a word for them by our Bollywood royalty, mind you. But the pain of Fawad Khan’s departure is too much to bear, it seems. A tweet in support of Pakistani artists is mandatory.
These directors and producers will have you believe that before Rahat Fateh Ali Khan sang for Bollywood, there was no music of significance in the Hindi film industry. The cricket board is so busy making money that a widow’s silent sob and an orphan’s scream does not matter. What actually matters are day and night matches between India and Pakistan. The most keenly contested sporting event in history, they say; even better than the Ashes.
And the soldiers? Well, as far as they are concerned, they are on another planet, far removed from the glitzy Bollywood studios, and the teak paneled walls of the stately boardrooms of the BCCI. The blood, the mud, the screams and the exploding gunpowder are just distant and inconvenient, not very different from traffic during the Mumbai monsoons. Life must go on.
Its easy to ask for peace when you are a thousand miles away from the Line of Control, and your primary concerns are which party to attend this evening and where to get financing for your next film.

Peace is not a punch line. It is the end result of war.
There is a 10-year-old girl, Aditi, who under stands the nation and its ebbs and flows far better than Mahesh Bhatt and Karan Johar. See her letter attached. Then see the poster made by Mahesh Bhatt, which he so proudly displays.
I leave it to you to decide who speaks for you. My vote goes to Aditi. This little angel has the spirit of a soldier.
The others have mala fide intent.
Jai Hind.

Major Gaurav Arya (Veteran)

#MajorGauravArya #adgpi


Author: Major Gaurav Arya (Veteran)

Soldier. That’s all.

9 thoughts on “MALA FIDE INTENT”

  1. Major Saheb you are absolutely right. If I grab Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter and misbehave with her will he still keep talking to us ? Such Quislings in India need to be eradicated.

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    1. My memory is not as weak as many others. It is this Mahesh Bhatt who had said Modi can not become Prime Minister of India and if he wins and becomes PM, I will quit India. He totally forgot about quitting India and now he is passing judgement on what the Govt. should do !! We do not hate any community but we certainly hate such individuals. Now I ask him, why is he in India? A person who can not value his own words does not deserve to advise others on what to do. Agar aapko is Mahesh Bhatt ke bare me aur jyada janane ki jigyasa hai to Youtube par jayen or type karen : Mahesh Bhatt on Modi. Ek nahi anek video mil jayega aur aap khud samajh jayenge kitna communal hai ye shaitaan. Bolta hai dunia ka sabse bada Terrorist White House me baithta hai. George Bush ko phansi par chadhane ki wakalat karta hai. Ab samjh me ayega kyunki White House me ab Trump baithne wala hai aur sabhi jante hain ki usne kya kaha hai election se pahle aur wo Mahesh Bhatt nahi hai. Jo kahta hai wohi karta hai. To sawdhan Mahesh Bhatt, India me to jee le rahe ho, USA aane ki sochna bhi mat, wapas nahi ja paoge.


  2. Our internal enemies are more dangerous than the external ones. Does any of these people have a kin in the Armed Forces? Yes, the soldier’s duty is to guard the nation day & night. Let these people enjoy attending parties.
    They should keep their mouths shut. Little Aditi, I Salute you.

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  3. It is absolutely disheartening to listen to statements like –

    What has art got to do with it?
    We must talk peace!
    We must avoid this thirst for blood in the name of nationalism!

    What is wrong with India? Have we forgotten 26/11? Recently, in Hyderabad, boys were arrested before they could carry out bombings, how can we forget?

    Russia has supported the surgical strikes and we ask for proof?

    Hillary Clinton has said to Pakistan – you cannot keep snakes in your backyard and expect them to only bite your neighbors! And we want to talk peace with them? What is wrong with us?

    It dawned on me today that India is it’s own worst enemy! We suffer from a loyalty deficit. Even in history, all great wars against the Muslim invaders were lost because of misplaced loyalty of a few Indians! The events of the last few days have shown that nothing much has changed in our country.

    The armed forces and every security agency in the country should simply sit back for a few months and let chaos run through the country. Let these few talk PEACE then! Of course then their complaints will swing the other direction automatically…pathetic state of affairs!

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  4. Dear Major Arya,

    An article written with a heavy heart and pain which speaks for itself.

    Since the last few days big TAMASHA is going on. Nation is watching one of the most disgusting and shameful individuals to exist. It’s like there is a competition going on – the one who speaks and behaves in most disgusting way will win, and there are many contestants.
    Hopefully Rahul Gandhi gets the trophy.

    The world must be laughing at us but I am not sure if they care.They have never raised themselves above their personal interests. Nation will remember this Episode, and will never forgive them.

    The one who are supposed to take credit are none other then our Jawans who are paying the price with their lives and what they leave behind is a family who gets nothing but politicians and many so called “intellectual individuals”, Shameful!

    There are many who are losing sleep not thinking about our Braves are fighting day and night, but whether Fawad Khan will be able to survive in Pakistan without Indian movies or not. Tonight we should all ask ourselves one question: If 26/11 had taken place in Karachi how many Salman Khans and Karan Johars would have come back alive?

    Peace and harmony are most significant achievements, if achieved by mutual sincerity and understanding but certainly not with the cost of our jawans’ blood and mutilated bodies.

    Little Aditi is miles away from these big talks and debates but with her little fingers she has slapped so many by writing these 3 words: INDIA COMES FIRST.

    Jai Hind.


  5. We Indians madly admire so called ‘Stars’ or filmy ‘heroes’ despite knowing that it is just an ‘ACT’ However, this does not mean that we do not know what the reality is. These actors are never above the REAL HEROES protecting our soil from our enemies. There is a strong need to condemn the reckless, casual behaviour of these artists who try to portray that they are pious souls who only know to act, enjoy and party and imagine themselves as aliens living in a different planet of their own.

    How horrendous it sounds when they say “do not involve actors?” Every citizen who is associated with India and getting benefited from Indian soil in any manner has the social and moral responsibility to stand up when the country is being attacked.

    This is not a deodorant ‘Ad’ or an upcoming ‘film’ that they are asked to comment on so that you prefer not to have an opinion or a say. This is a matter of their identity on Indian soil.

    I was shocked by the arrogance and the attitude thrown by one of the film critic Mayank, when he says ‘We hate all Pakistani’s and we will kick them all out (laughs out)!!!’ If he thinks that he was successful in being sarcastic and made a point by saying so, he is mistaken. He should understand ‘Indians do not hate Pakistani’s’. We hate people like him who live inside our country without holding a social responsibility. They are always ‘UP’ and take sides for petty, silly and useless issues but do not have a clear stand when it comes to the National security and integrity!!

    Every Indian, be it an Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher or whatever is bound to protect the interests of the country. So what exempts this so called special species called ‘ARTISTS’??


  6. Beautifully argued
    However one can only wake up those who are sleeping and not those who deliberately choose to keep their eyes closed.
    Sir accept my salutations and continue writing
    Jai Hind


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