For the last 24 hours, a section of the Indian media has been in an uproar. The center of attention this time is Gen. Bipin Rawat, Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army. And all because the general took umbrage to separatists in Kashmir valley directly interfering in anti-terror operations, hence aiding and abetting terrorists, and also a section of the population waving ISIS and Pakistan flags.

Harinder Baweja, that undisputed queen of all that is seditious, writes a rambling monologue in the Hindustan Times titled “General Rawat, hold your fire. All Kashmiri youth are not aides of Jihadis”. She has done what jaded journalists of her leaning so often do; decide the outcome of the article and then create facts to suit an argument.

In his statement, Gen. Rawat specifically mentioned stone pelting separatists who directly, and habitually, intervene in anti-terror operations with the single aim of abetting the terrorists. Also, he warned separatists who waved ISIS and Pakistan flags. He never once spoke or insinuated about Kashmiri youth in general.

Baweja cleverly skirted the issue, because on the face of it, the Army Chief’s statement was matter-of-fact. You would not expect the Chief of the Indian Army to say anything different. What she did was add lie and deceit into a straightforward statement.

The COAS never mentioned, even indirectly, all Kashmiri youth being Jihadist. Then why did Harinder Baweja lie so blatantly? Because if she hadn’t, there wouldn’t have been any story. She knows the ethos of the Indian Army well. Gen. Bipin Rawat would do all he could to defend his organization and his men, but he would not lift a finger to defend himself. This was a bonanza for her. She could shoot at a target at will, secure in the knowledge that the target would never shoot back at her. So, Harinder Baweja went after the Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army.

She starts the article with a disclosure. She says that she is sympathetic to the men in uniform, following it up with the comment that army men are called “Indian Dogs” in Kashmir. She further says that she has Fauji blood in her veins. The assault on the Chief starts with her saying that the Chief’s words made her cringe.

Her interview with Lashkar-e-Toiba’s Abdullah Muntazir did not make her cringe. When she interviewed Burhan Wani’s father (the terrorist was still alive then), she did not cringe when the old man said that he would gladly see his son die in Jihad against India. But when the Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army said that he took exception to ISIS and Pakistan flags on Indian territory, Harinder Baweja dug deep into the ethical recesses of her journalistic soul and found the morality to cringe.

Political parties are defending stone pelting on TV. “Speak to the mislead youth” they say. I agree. We must speak to the youth in Kashmir. We must engage with them everyday, every minute if we are to succeed in Kashmir. But what is unethical and blatantly anti-national must be put on collision course with the Indian Army. There are youth who shout slogans against India in Kashmir. India’s democracy gives them this right. It gives the same right to left-wing liberals in JNU and weavers of candyfloss at Jadavpur University. There can be a vociferous counter argument.

The Kashmir issue must be debated within the ambit of the Constitution of India, because when a solution comes forth, and come forth it will, it will come from within the pages of our Constitution. But it cannot be debated with the evil and compromised old blood-sucking leeches of the Hurriyat Conference. And it cannot be debated with the political parties of Kashmir. They have the ability to change colors that would put a professional chameleon to shame. We must engage directly with the youth of Kashmir. And only the young can engage with the young.

As for the men who fly the Pakistan flag, and throw stones to compromise anti-terror operations, they must immediately find themselves at the wrong end of a 7.62 mm full metal jacket round. I am willing to talk, compromise and bend over backward to accommodate people. But if you insult the symbols of Mother India, I will wish death upon you.

Many people ask why I take such an unbending stand on issues. Let me explain.

I am an ultra-hardline nationalist. For me your religion, caste, color, creed, political affiliation and ideology count for nothing. I don’t care. But India is not just a nation with an ancient culture and a billion people. It is manifestation of living and breathing divinity. When I say “Jai Hind” or “Vande Mataram” I am not being patriotic. I am worshipping at the feet of my Mother.

If you disagree with me and wish to talk, I will talk with you. I will defend your right to disagree with me. But you may never question my country, and you may not speak of Her symbols in any manner short of utmost respect. If you do, I will come looking for you.

Major Dahiya lay bleeding with multiple Gun Shot Wounds (GSWs). During evacuation, locals stoned army vehicles carrying the injured officer. They also created enough confusion so that terrorists could slip away, because the army refused to fire on civilians.

Bleeding heart liberals and separatists eulogies stone throwers saying that they have no fear of the Indian Army. This is a pure lie. The fact is that stone throwers have had very little exposure to the Indian Army. And the amount of restraint that CRPF and J&K police have shown, all I can say is that I am amazed. I have seen videos of CRPF jawans being chased and beaten by these stone throwers. Those Jawans mostly had a lathi in their hands, and sometimes a pellet gun. Give the Jawan an AK 47 and a free hand. I promise you today, all these “brave” stone throwers will vanish like snowflakes in May.

What would you have done had you been in the place of Gen. Bipin Rawat?

The General did nothing but uphold the honor of the nation and lead his men. That is what he is supposed to do. That is why he is the Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army.

The breaking story is not what Gen. Bipin Rawat said. The story is in what he stood for.

I have said this before and I will say it again. A nation does not live on its knees. The restraint the Indian Army has shown is being construed for weakness. And such a construct cannot be allowed to exist.

Who are we trying to appease? People who actively act as agents of terrorists and wave ISIS and Pakistan flags? Is this what our much vaunted democracy has come to, selling our nation for a few votes?

It will be a long summer. Maybe the longest in a decade. But we cannot flinch. We will not flinch. This is not a fight for Kashmir. It is a war for all that India holds sacred.

The Indian Army prides itself on being a steel fist, but one that always wears a velvet glove. Gen. Bipin Rawat, COAS of Indian Army just ordered his men to take off the velvet glove.

Now traitors will see our steel fist.

Major Gaurav Arya (Veteran)

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Author: Major Gaurav Arya (Veteran)

Soldier. That’s all.

39 thoughts on “STEEL FIST”

  1. Wonderfully written…I still don’t understand…Why there’s so much of discussions on this…Why these journalists n political party leaders even try to defend those who clearly are d ppl against our nation…A person with a lower n lower common sense would understand d decision by COAS…He is doing what is best for d nation… I even don’t get it…When these journalists take d interview of d terrorists…I mean why…To market them better?
    Thank you so much for d article…It is brilliant…


  2. Well written Major , these so called pseudo seculars are nothing but ISI puppets who have vested interests beyond our borders. The chest beaters of Kashmir and their Lutyens media mouthpieces are the greatest threat to the very fabric of our nation. Be it the Afzal gang of JNU or the flea bitten glue sniffers of jadavpur, spreading lies and poisoning minds of gullible masses against our nation is same ,if not as dangerous as picking up arms .

    We need very strict laws against treason , separatism and sedition propaganda. We have remained apologetic and hesitant for far too long. We live in a very rough neighborhood. Disease like ISIS is almost at our borders . These people should see how developed Islamic nations treat those who work against their country. We can’t afford to be liberal anymore.

    Jai Hind

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  3. Dear Major Arya, our whole generation has passed seeing our brave soldiers taking defensive positions from Operation Blue Star, IPKF, Kargil till today when they face stones from Kashmiri jehadis. All thanks to our weak and selfish political leadership. This liberal leftist psudosecular mindset has grown to an extent that present young generation has no time to understand the patriotism or what it takes to worship motherland. Memories have become short and patriotism has become superficial. Hope present government let’s Army to live up to its glory.

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  4. I have heard Major Gaurav Arya articulate his ideas brilliantly and I fully understand and support him. We must treat these traitors with full force. Raghu Rajan


  5. MGA, If we are to’engage in talks’ with separatists waving Pakistani flags and attacking the security personnel in an ops area, shouldn’t we be engaging in the same talks with Pakistani Army across line of control? Same flag , after all. Or are we waiting till the separatists suck blood out of Indian economy and show up one day with matching Kalashnikovs instead of stones?
    Sitting in the comfort of their homes in a country with a live border, that is protected by the Indian Army, these low profile media brokers have the audacity to challenge the Chief of Indian Army? This is what restraint has brought us to. Same restraint has allowed JNU and Jadavpur to challenge the country and get away with it. We now have become a country where raising Indian national flag is intolerant and calling Pakistani flag wavers anti nationals is a crime.
    Talks are great idea, very touching to bring peace with talks. Let’s talk , but may be not at an Army Ops area. Would that be very difficult ? What else did the Chief say? I don’t understand what we are talking. I guess it’s not necessary either. The Army has made the stand clear. Separatists may like it or hate it or ignore it and find themselves exactly where Chief said.
    But one thing is for sure MGA, 36 Rafale jets or Agni 5 tests has not made India look as strong as General Bipin Rawat’s statement made. Strength comes from standing up and taking charge. The COAS did just that and India just stood up on it’s feet, behind him. The line has been drawn.
    MGA, This post is not beautifully written, it is amazingly raw. And that’s why it reaches out to the readers and wrings their heart. With soldiers like you protecting the geographical and ideological frontiers of the country, we would never live on our knees. Thank you.

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  6. Very well written, similar to wt u offtn spk-up during TV dbts which I watch learning u to b on d dbt. I too hve similar temprmnt n blood boiling thoughts, I express thm on my twts (@colonelsharotri).
    Love u yung bro, Bash On Regardless. God Bless You !


  7. So well written and articulated!! Jai Hind and Jai Jawan! We are so proud of our armed forces who keep protecting the motherland despite having so many traitors like these pseudo seculars in our midst. With Indians like those, who needs external enemies. We will fight these traitors and expose them, for the internal enemy is more dangerous than the external one!


  8. Let these pseudo secularists spend a day in Kashmir without the army protection. Let us see if then they can talk about human rights and army going berserk. It is easy to preach.

    Completely agree with the Army Chief. This is how a strong nation with a billion population is supposed to behave-STRONG.

    Thanks for the post.


  9. very true Major.. I completely support our Army chief. I wish that the opportunists trying to manipulate the essence of what has been said be punished severely, be it a journalist or a politician. Jai Hind.


  10. MGA, to say that you absolutely nailed the Times Now debate would be the greatest understatement!! Surgical precision, brilliant execution!! Thank you, MGA, you are a legend!!


  11. MGA, that now takes you a notch above being a legend!! As always you did the finest of what you do the best- standing up for India. And today we raise a toast to you. You taught ‘ the children’ what the nation wanted to tell for a year. Absolutely, outstanding!! Total Absolute Respect!!
    Thank you, MGA, you silenced the voices in my head. May the force be with you, always.


    1. Thank you so much, Ma’am. I hope I can tell you one day how much you motivate and inspire me to do better. You comments and feedback are enough to spur me into action. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
      Warm Regards | Jai Hind


      1. MGA, thank you so much for your kind words. Truly honored. I really hope I can meet you one day and actually tell you what great power your words have and what big difference you make. It would be a privilege. Thank you, MGA. Jai Hind


  12. Dear Gaurav,You are one of the best representatives of the Indian Army as well as the young ones.The recent chaos in Ramjas college needs you to clarify Gurmehar’s statement that War is between two or more parties,and in this case,Pakistan is definitely responsible for the brutal treatment to Saurab Kalia and his soldiers,as well as the other fine soldiers who were beheaded.This needs your logical and passionate voice to drum it in the heads of the Congress/AAP/Leftists,that the discussion has lost it’s movement and needs us patriotic Indians to stand up and call a spade a spade! Air Marshal Raghu Rajan


      1. That response should make these students think again-Do you expect our soldiers to light candles and invite the Pak soldiers to a Jashn at JNU/Ramjas?These students should stand at our borders and try that-one burst of MMG,and they will go scurrying home!


  13. Wonderfully written,
    Sir. India is the only country in the world, where our soldiers are sacrifices their lives for the sake of their own stone pelter. And the worst thing is, our politicians and journalists are standing with the stone pelters, separatists & traitors and supporting them. The fight which our soldiers are fighting is not just their fight. They are fighting for us. They are fighting for the sake of all Indians, and their AAN – BAAN & SHAAN. All Indians must stand hand in hand with them. General Bipin Rawat took a correct decision and we all are with him and with Indian Army.
    Jai Hind, Vande Mataram.


    1. Ma’am, I have not harmed or killed anyone innocent in Kashmir. Forget harming, in my entire tenure in Kashmir I have not spoken rudely to any women, child or elderly person.

      Everyone should be a nationalist. It’s a badge of honour. Loving your nation is a duty and not something to be ashamed of.

      As far as RSS is concerned, I have nothing to do with them. I have nothing to do with any political party or ideology. My only ideology is Indian Army.

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      1. You are on record to use word” use machine gun against Kashmiris ” tune in times now
        Why are you lying


      2. Ma’am, you are wrong. I have never said “Use machine gun against Kashmiris”. I know which show you are speaking about. Junaid Mattu was on the panel. I request you to please see the video again. I said “We should not use pellet guns against stone pelters. We should use real guns”.

        My comment was for only stone pelters and not Kashmiris. I request you to please see the video once again. I said it because stone pelters use not just stones but also acid bottles, Molotov cocktails and sometimes grenades.

        After Burhan Wani’s killing media did not even mention that 3500 security personal were injured, some maimed for life. That was the context of the debate that you are quoting.

        I am also on record saying that human rights violators should be put in jail and rapists (in uniform or out of uniform) should be given the death penalty.

        I request you to see these videos again and then we can speak.


      3. Kashmiris are pelting stones since Muslim dacoits of Mughals occupied them – India and Pakistan was not created then
        Can we talk academics here
        Every kashmiri is stone pelter since 500 years will you kill them all


      4. No Ma’am. I am not talking about killing anyone. I humbly request you to see the video and then you will understand the context in which I spoke.

        Ma’am, Pakistan may not have been created but India has been around for over 5000 years.

        My debate is not about religion. Army is a secular institution and we have nothing to do with religion.

        There is no point pelting stones.


      5. 3500 security were injured – which hospital they were admitted –
        There is no army hospital in Kashmir including badami Bagh which can accommodate 3500 soldiers
        Why are lying to India to justify state terrorism


      6. Ma’am, if you keep making personal comments, how can we talk? You are calling me a liar, a murderer and a fanatic…and yet you wish to have an “academic” conversation based on facts.

        I know how many beds 92 Base Hospital has. In 1997-98, I was admitted there.

        There is no state terrorism. You have your facts wrong. I am giving you respect while talking, but you are not returning the curtesy.

        How is a conversation possible? If you think I am misrepresenting facts, ask for clarification.

        You said that I had advocated machine gunning Kashmiris. Go on YouTube and you will find that you are totally wrong. But did I call you a liar? No. I politely requested you to see the video again.

        Let’s be civil to each other, Ma’am.


      7. I said where was your curtesy when you said use machine guns against innocent Kashmiris since they are asking for azadi from Indian occupation
        They were seeking azadi from Muslim occupation of Mughals, Afghan , Sikhs and dogras
        India was not created before 1947
        They are seeking azadi from last 500 years


  14. Can you even given me list of 100 soldiers who were admitted in skims Soura , SMHS hospital of Kashmir
    Leave 100 give 50
    Leave 50 give 20 man


      1. Ma’am, I would rather believe CRPF and national media than what passes of as news on the streets of Srinagar.

        Anyway, it was nice speaking to you. Since you deal in innuendo and insult, I would not like to respond any longer. My apologies if I have in any way offended you.


      2. No sir no personal things here
        I am against you pro state terrorism narrative not you
        – you can’t face kashmiri when it comes to academics
        For TRP of hindutva media it’s fine
        You can talk anything
        Who is there to refute your allegation
        I am once again challenging you for academic debate on Kashmir
        Let’s see how you respond


      3. Let’s debate Kashmir
        Choose your own topic
        Let’s see what happen when kashmiri debate an Indian officer academically


  15. It’s easy to talk hyper nationalism among Indian who don’t know anything about Kashmir
    Talk to me I am Kashmiri
    Let’s debate here I challenge you
    One to one
    With facts from Indian media
    Matter of facts is Pakistan and India is hell bent to kill Kashmiris in the name of hindutva manusmriti and mullah gang laws


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