They know that the Indian Army is the last argument of the state. They know that after the Indian Army, there is nothing…no fallback. And so, with malice and cunning, they seek to undermine the institution and the man who leads it.

It’s a vicious web of half-truths, outright lies, deceit and ill gotten wealth. It is an eco-system where greed is king and the nation, a commodity to be sold to the highest bidder.

If you want to undermine India, what better way to do it than to undermine the institution with the utmost credibility and integrity? If you want to undermine the Indian Army, what better way to do it than abuse its Chief?

They know that the army will never respond. They know that the Chief of Army Staff will never respond. They are honour bound not to. So, the Indian Army and its Chief will maintain a stoic silence while these two-penny politicians wreck public havoc upon India’s finest men and women.

Do not underestimate these traitors. They cater to a certain constituency which has a certain ideology and a definite agenda. These public utterances are not unplanned. This is a well thought out strategy, and the perpetrators are hand in glove with those who seek to harm India.

For seven decades, the Indian Army has protected us, and our way of life. They have shed so much of their own blood that all the tears in the world are not enough to wash away the bloodstains. And they asked for nothing.

They are still shedding blood and still, they ask for nothing.

But enough is enough. It is time we rise as a nation and stand up for the Indian Army. That army that has always stood between India and misfortune. That very army that gave us Manoj, Arun, Tushar, Pawan, Haneef, Acharya, Vijayant, Vikram, Saurabh, David, Umar and a thousand others who will live forever in our collective national memory.

In life you will meet people who will give you a lot, but you will rarely meet someone who is willing to give you everything, without you ever asking or even being aware that at 15,000 feet on a remote and desolate mountainside, a young soldier is bleeding to death, his stomach torn….his intestines strewn about. He screams in pain and then slowly his eyes begin to fade. Look there….a soldier just died for you and you did not even know about it. Tomorrow, in the middle pages of a national daily, a small writeup will report “Indian Army officer killed in action in Kashmir”. That’s all what we are – unsung, unwept and unforgiven.

Gen. Bipin Rawat leads an army of 1.3 million soldiers. Each one of them is willing to die before any harm befalls you or your family.

It is now time. Time to reclaim lost ground of nationhood that is regularly perverted by a few.

It is time to fight back. It is time to stand with your soldier. It is time to give succour to the young soldier dying on a desolate mountainside.

Your army will never say it. It is you who must feel, and then act against those who seek to tarnish the fair name of the Indian Army.

This time it’s your turn to go to war.

CLICK HERE: https://youtu.be/U3mjYZ3FgAE

Major Gaurav Arya (Veteran)

17 Kumaon Regiment

The Indian Army 

#ASoldierSpeaks #MajorGauravArya #IndianArmy #adgpi 

Author: Major Gaurav Arya (Veteran)

Soldier. That’s all.

13 thoughts on “A SOLDIER SPEAKS”

  1. An Ex NCC cadets Speaks:

    We dream to become a Soldier, a Special Soldier. Willing to serve country specially not generally. But when we see the political leaders speaks about Uniform people, we willing to leave our dream to become a soldier. Cause, whom do we willing to serve, willing to die! Country or the corrupt politicians! They spit on our Uniform!! They deal our life’s to enemies. They release terrorists and forgot martyrs. They forgive offender, punished families of the martyr. Soldiers securing our country, who will secure soldier’s families.

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  2. Reblogged this on One Life is not Enough and commented:
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    It is not that Army is fighting external enemies only. It is not that Army has to fight at physical level only. There are internal enemies, there are psychological enemies. Unfortunately, many of our own people are trying to undermine the morale and ethos of our soldiers by irresponsible statements. Or, who knows these people are agents of some external forces that want to destabilise the fabric of our nation.
    In spite of all these anti india forces both external and internal, I am confident Army will come out with flying colours.

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  3. At such times- life and death question really- what is the absolute must? Keeping our nation’s guard without and within, it is, I dare say, a critical take on India. Here is summary: The Indian Republic itself stands on false legs as of Westminster democracy, Englishism hegemony, laisser faire economy, continuing Colonial Culture in administration and policing including 1935 Macaulay started Indian Education System, and, most of all, a western ideas based Indian Constitution that even has its Indian Law founded on Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence. These are fundamental flaws in our Indian Foundation, thick fetters in Indian genius feet, heavy mind killing drag. But only the very best minds will do to cope with the challenge. What Major Arya discusses are symptoms; I have here addressed the disease itself- from root off. Both are in need of the immediate attention of citizens who can see at least hundred years ahead. I put it at 1000 years ahead. Accordingly, I plead for India changing tack. It must go over to setting well-planned destruction of Pakistan as its priority number 1. That will go a long way in destroying the remnants of Ghazwa e Hind Islam still at work in Indian sinews. It is a make or break situation actually, but also very ‘crucial’ in another sense, namely, the West (Christian +Islam) is bound for the dumps in the historical sense. That happens; think Rome, think British Empire, think Soviet Union. History has pride of place reserved for Indian Civilization, the ageless World Guru. Only modern Indians are lacking in initiative and action. Therefore, I call on Indians: first put your house in order. Punish the traitor hard, and on the spot. Shoot them dead at sight. That one act will solve a hundred problems and more. I watch Republic TV Debate. It is good, but also frittering away energy in futile talk. Time demands grave action on the Indian ground. Hard action a la Gaurav Arya!


  4. COAS is the finest we have got. Naturally traitors will try to malign him . 2 Things surprises me
    1. Why PM or Def Min did not come out openly. It is no small matter . it is abt “COAS”. As a Civilian controlled Military Army looks up to govt in this kind of situation. As COAS id leading from mthe front similarly Govt should also lead from the front .
    2. Why Not retired Generals irrespective of their affiliation come out and submit memorandum. If they do not come together for this cause now then when ?


  5. Great ! Gaurav. Your feelings show pen is mightier than sword in expressing thoughts of every true soldier who wants to say same but cannot, who feels the same and share but can not. keep up the great work…


  6. Each sentence speaks volumes Gaurav Arya. As parents of one of those braves who died for a nations honour, we are living on hope that the mood of the nation stands with the Indian Army. Do not want to see or read any more of ‘Brave soldier dies fighting terrorists in Kashmir’. The Army Chief is the among the best leaders- military or political, that our country has had in a long long time. Akshay would have been filled with pride to salute him. We look at you with hope too- thank you for your stand and for the way you articulate your thoughts. God bless.


  7. Salute to the thinking ! Very accurately narrated the facts. However, politicians who have nothing at stake in commenting about our uniformed & disciplined services personnel. If the street dogs barks, when we were studying, did we pay any heed? History, is evident that such set of people always raised their unsolicited comments. Unfortunately, now they have social media which club’s with them to air their nuisances. Just ignore them!
    Remedy of Kashmir problem can only be resolved by giving them what they deserve. Subsidising Kashmiris on small & big things needs to be withdrawn. They have a special trait of telling lie at the drop of hat, miss represent the ground realities. Appeasement policy has to be reversed. Let them earn what they consume!
    E.g. stop subsidiaries on LPG supplied to them, stop providing non-veg’ to them being supplied from Rajasthan, those who do not pay the electicity bill, income-tax & genuine payable to exchequer should be deprived of the services. 1 or 2 winters seasons will bring them to terms. I am confident, that unless un-dervables are discreetly tackled, the good sense cannot germinate. It has been 7 decades of undeserving preferences, with last 3 decades, in spite of their hostalities against fellow citizens.
    There is no looser, except the GoI & it’s invaluable resources.
    Sooner, we understand, earlier we will get into the the remedial track. My, over 3 years experience dealing with them is the basis for such a point-of-view. ‘Win breeds win’ is an old proverb, thus miracle should not be wished. Small success could be provoking to grow for greater success & finally win over the situation.


  8. A soldier never dies..
    A soldier never steps back..
    A soldier never stops..

    We all defend Indian army becoz it deserves & it must be defended..

    A shoulder & support to all my army brothers & sisters..


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