As a nation, we choose silence. And it is in the shadow of our silence that treason spawns its many sons. Its primary weapons are intellectual elitism and social snobbery. We are told that to be a nationalist is to be cerebrally stunted, showing little understanding of how we are really meant to be, as citizens of the world. In this synthetically manufactured utopia, common sense is a supposed clue to lack of breeding. So we, the people, must close our eyes to the ugliness that manifests itself in so many forms each moment, and celebrate an idea that is never to be.

It does not rain in September, you say. Well, it should, they say. And they say it with a smug visage that only intellectual inbreeding can give you.

Disturbing images of students marching, chanting “azaadi” for Kashmir and Bastar are beamed live into our drawings rooms. Colorful party flags are carried and banners displayed, each political party careful to display the tri-color, perhaps consciously accepting even while shouting slogans for the disintegration of India, nothing has better brand recall than the Flag.

Our vision has become politically binary. A nationalist is a “bhakt” by default, whether he likes it or not. And, a person with an opinion on free speech & human rights is a traitor. As I said, we are politically binary. Zero or one.

Who is a traitor? A person who is an Indian and does not believe in the Constitution of India, and openly calls for the dismemberment of this great nation is a traitor. He who actively or passively aids and abets the enemy is a traitor. And he who motivates and encourages others to treason is also a traitor.

All citizens have a right to protest, and that right cannot be questioned. It is your duty as an Indian to question the government. Question everything that your mind can conceive, and your heart cannot accept. Let your conscience be your moral compass. But do not cross the Rubicon. When you call for the dismemberment of India, you are crossing the thin red line. People have protected this nation with their blood for centuries. Families have been shattered, sons and daughters slaughtered by an unforgiving enemy.

Over millennia, countless Indians have been martyred defending this idea of India. For people to willingly court martyrdom for an idea simply speaks for how worthy this idea is.

India is worth dying for. It’s also worth killing for, because what you love, you must be willing to defend with violence.

Is a person calling for human rights implementation in Kashmir and other places a traitor? Absolutely not. We must respect human rights in Kashmir and everywhere else. If there is rape, it must be punished. If a person in uniform commits it, it is doubly heinous. I believe that punishment for rape must be death.

But soldiers have human rights too. If you interfere in a counter terror operation and pelt stones, you are asking to be shot. If you pelt stones at security forces and then take it up a few notches by throwing Molotov cocktails and acid bottles, pellet guns are too good for you. You are begging for a 7.62 mm full metal jacket.

Why are we so tentative with the use of force? We have mobs in Srinagar attacking CRPF men and chasing them down the street, simply because the CRPF does not have orders to shoot in self-defense. Similar scenes have been witnessed in Bangalore. When a man in uniform is attacked, it is the prestige of the state that takes a hit. Often, berserk mobs need to be shown overwhelming and brute force. Mobs everywhere comprise of cowards. Put two down and the rest will go home. All that the mobs need to see is resolute will. Everything else falls into place.

We are seen as a soft state, a weak state. Pakistan does a Kargil and we do nothing. It then mounts a full-fledged terror attack in Mumbai and we do nothing. Uri. Pathankot. Nagrota. Nothing.

Pakistan breeds secession in Punjab and calls it Khalistan. Nothing. A 28-year-old insurgency in Kashmir, which has mutated into full-fledged terrorism, funded and abetted by Pakistan. Nothing.

An ex-Chief Minister of Kerala says proudly that he did not donate blood to the Indian Army during the 1962 war, making his loyalty to China obvious. Nothing. The Chief Minister of West Bengal does not allow the Indian Army to carry out an Impressment Exercise, a simple data collection of heavy vehicles on roads for possible use in times of war, but welcomes millions of refugees from Bangladesh because she needs the votes. Nothing.

We have become The Nothing State.

Today, I say this again – a nation does not live on its knees.

We are a proud and ancient civilization. For thousands of years, invaders have galloped into India, raping and pillaging, converting and changing. It is a testimony to the steel in our spine that we worship the same way we did five thousand years back. And most of us live without rancor.

But history also bears testimony to the harsh and unpalatable truth that the gates of the citadel have always been opened from inside. A dark comedy unfolds when we learn of the secular fabric of treason; for every Jai Chand, we have a Mir Jafar.

India faces danger from within, and it is a visible, clear and present danger that we have chosen to overlook. Sometimes it’s our belief that India is too huge for anyone to unsettle, and sometimes we simply choose to look the other way thinking nothing will change. Fatalism is the chink in our armour.

Our will must be resolute. Wooly ideas and fairy tales do not defend Nations. The foundations of Bharat are soaked in the blood of martyrs.

Who but the soldier understands peace? Who craves peace more than the soldier? We want peace, even with Pakistan. But we want peace with honor. We may live a few days without food and a few moments without air. But how can a nation exist without honor? It is this honor that the treasonous horde would deny us, always pushing for a sorry compromise.

It is now time to confront those who seek to dismember India, hiding behind freedom of speech. When students demand “azaadi” for Kashmir and mainstream political parties support their freedom to express treason, we must understand that the time has come.

The time has come to unshackle our voices and free our universities and colleges from the chains of intellectual terrorism. The time to hold back has passed. We are committed to battle.

We can no longer stand in the sidelines, and watch events unfold. The time has come to choose the flag under which we will fight. Choose wisely. This is a fight to the finish.

Twenty-three years back I chose my flag, with a promise to my God that I would fight under it or come back wrapped in it.

Whichever flag you choose, let the world know.

Major Gaurav Arya (Veteran)

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Author: Major Gaurav Arya (Veteran)

Soldier. That’s all.

20 thoughts on “THE SHADOW OF OUR SILENCE”

  1. When Vinoba Bhave wanted the Indian government to forgive the dacoits of Chambal, he himself went and talked peace. Why don’t these human right activists and secularists go and talk peace with these ‘young, innocent ‘ boys of Kashmir who arhee misled.

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  2. sir just had one question: u have written that the paki did kargil and we did nothiing.when we tell te paki this thing they reply that kargil was a revenge for siachen. what are ur views on this?
    thank u sir.


    1. Kargil was not revenge for Siachen. Don’t believe Pakistanis. They have a habit of making up stuff. Pak wanted to take Siachen and we came to know, so we went there first.

      And tell Pakistanis who ask you this question – what kind of revenge was Kargil in which Pak army failed badly? Indian Army has Siachen and Kargil both. What does Pak have?


      1. Well, well – What does Pak have?

        Here are some more generic answers: for all the political jokers ruining our Nation for the past 80+ years, Pakis have PoK! Pakis have a lot of traitorous sickulars and those with cross-border loyalities spread all over India! Pak has a presstitute league in India that will slit itself to serve its slave driver.

        When will ALL honest Patriotic & in uniform blokes of India realize and feel deeply what you have as your article of faith in our Motherland? If that truly happens then there is some hope -so sickulars cannot cheat the electorate and into the parliament or the sickular babus suck blood out of India.


      2. thank u so much sir for the reply.i really didn’t expect it.anyways.thnk u sir. will do as u have instructed sir. paki’s like to live in their lovely cocoons and dream.they can only dream and can’t do anything beyond that.
        thnk u sir.


  3. May a BILLION Gaurav Aryas be born URGENTLY!
    Well thats my prayers to my Motherland!

    We need a very level headed & a very urgent civilizational moorings for every citizen to see through the variety of cancerous insidiously ruining BharataMata! And in this age where the world has become a global village – it is all the more important to urgently TRAIN our citizens to get off their complacency

    I hope every true patriot understands PSYOPS and will reach out intensely to all their compatriots for that singular message that Bharat has a HUGE civilizational responsibility to be ViswaGuru and for that all these cancerous memes will have to be allowed a dinosaurian death!


  4. I and every Indian is ever so indebted to this Nation, Indian Armed Forces.
    My highest regards to you too for your inspiring words.
    Jai Hind


  5. Everytime you write a post , it never disappoints to astonish because the posts are filled every sense of patriotism and every bit of truthfulness. We are proud to have people like you in our motherland who fill our hearts with such great pride and honor.
    And yes, it is in every true sense that people shouting ‘azaadi’ and all those slogans or even supporting the anti national brigade should not be promoted in each or any form. It is the duty of each and every Indian to shun these objects or people who are provocating this topic.
    Thank you for the post !

    My Family and me salutes you for your service!
    Jai Hind Sir ! 🙂


  6. Heartfelt lines , MGA. Your words have a piercing ,haunting quality that rattles the soul and keeps at it long after I have finished reading.

    A nation is awakening, the lion is stirring , the slumber is breaking , slowly and when it roars , it will claim back the territory .

    May God bless our brothers in uniform.

    Jai Hind


  7. MGA, that truly was the most perfect call out and the most perfect wake up call rolled into one. Words couldn’t be truer or stronger. We sure are committed to battle.But then,”wars are fought in mind much before they are fought on the battle field”, right? Your words have the power to make a nation win those battles in the mind. That’s why the gates of the citadel will not be open from inside, this time around. Thank you MGA, it sure is a fight to finish, so plough on, India needs you to.


  8. A really well written article. I have been reading a lot of your blogs and I am truly happy that atleast someone is speaking the truth.
    What is happening in our country is really unfortunate. For some reason loving the country and defending it’s honour is termed uncool. My brother follows this really popular comedy channel on youtube. He told me a few days back that that channel was supporting this ‘azaadi’ thing ( especially that gurmehar issue) backing it up and influencing all its subscribers.
    Just say something anti national, flaunt it on social media/kiddo college campuses and add terms like ‘freedom of speech’. All pseudo seculars are in the bandwagon.
    Keep writing such articles. It’ll be so very helpful for people who have been blinded by facists.


      1. sir, just had something more to say. i saw u on india today with rahul kanwal some days back.u were talking with kanhaiya kumar.sir in that show kanhaiya kumar tells u that he doesn’t want azaadi for jammu and kashmir and the azaadi slogan means azaadi from hunger,poverty and starvation.sir he has openly said that he wants the AFSPA to be removed from J&K. but that day in front of u he never said all this. he has been lying according to me. this whole kanhaiya brigade has been lying.
        sir just wanted ur thoughts on AFSPA .
        u are a real inspiration sir and a very good writer.
        jai hind
        thnk u sir.


  9. MGA, the Times Now debate was beyond appalling. Here’s what I don’t get- what are these people trying to prove? Do they think that not taking any action against Pakistan is going to make India look responsible? How does a nation that cannot even take a united stand against its one existential enemy come across in the comity of world nations? Who will respect a nation so weak? You asked one direct question, how hard was it to understand? Instead they took 35 mins to explain the glorified Indian maturity and still no answer to your question? Just beating around the bush. MGA, you had the patience of a saint!!!!
    Annoying as it was to watch the baseless counter arguments, your point remains. Most often it is your questions that keep the fire burning in the minds of people, this one was no exception. Thank you.

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      1. No, we cannot. For starters A UNSC member must be able to differentiate war from peace. Attacking our army base, beheading our soldiers is war. Infiltrating terrorists, sabotaging train lines is war. Dealing with it as war is strength. Talking through it might buy a certain peace, but that peace will be in lieu of honor. All the power a nation has is of no use if it cannot wield it to defend its own honor. Honor is primary. Knowing that would define peace. There would be blood. But then ,there is blood now also. At least then there would also be respect. Only respectable, honorable nations sit at UNSC. Thank you, MGA.


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